Read More about Hard Body Lures (Medium) 71 - 120mm

Hard Body Lures (Medium) 71 - 120mm

Medium Sized Hardbody Lures, Suitable for Mangrove Jack, Barra and Tailor

Our Medium Sized Hardbody lures go up to 120mm. There is no hard and fast rules around what size of lure to use when targeting specific species, but trying to match the hatch is the most important thing. Also big is not always better. It is more important to think about the behaviour of the fish that you are trying to target. For example, with Mangrove Jacks, as they sit in snags, you may want a suspending lure which you can leave to sit right in front of the fish's face. Then by twitching it about you may be able to tease them into a reaction bite. 

If you are trolling for bonito in the washes, then it is probably more important that your lure maintains a good action at about 4 knots than whether the lure suspends or not.

It is hard to look past Rapala when it comes to hardbody lures, they all have such good action, cadence and detailing. 

    Hard Body Lures (Medium) 71 - 120mm